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Reach Out for the Help of a Reliable Telephone Counselor From Anywhere


When the challenges you encounter in your daily life get too overwhelming, you should look for professional help. You don’t need to schedule a face-to-face appointment in order to get help. You don’t even have to be in New York, NY to receive the mental support you need. Through a careful and gentle approach, Dr. Mark Sehl NY Psychotherapist provides all patients with the chance to find understanding and assistance during their most difficult crisis or challenging states of mind.


Signs that you need the help of a therapist


  • You have sudden and unpredictable mood swings

  • You feel sad for no apparent reason

  • You don’t have any motivation to complete even the simplest tasks

  • You have developed dependency issues and substances abuse

  • You have self-harm or suicidal thoughts

Dr. Mark Sehl NY Psychotherapist is an experienced telephone counselor, offering personal therapy and couple and marriage counseling alike. Dr. Sehl firmly believes your mental well-being should be among your biggest priorities. It doesn’t have to be an extreme emergency. Sometimes people could seek the help of a professional telephone counselor so they explore their reactions, emotions, and everyday decisions on a deeper level. Self-reflection techniques, as well as cognitive and behavioral therapy methods, will be focused on helping you get the most of your sessions.


Pick up the phone and start healing


Telephone appointments are great if you have a mobility limitation or you’re experiencing difficulty reaching the physical location of Dr. Sehl’s office. He has devoted his career to helping his patients overcoming even the toughest moments and build the resilience needed to live a happy and a healthy life. A telephone counselor with an education degree and years of specialization is capable of helping you change your most destructive habits.


Put your mental health first and contact Dr. Mark Sehl NY Psychotherapist today! Reach Dr. Sehl in New York, NY and nation-wide at (212) 228-3467 and start your journey to a healthy mind and a happy life!