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Call a Licensed Psychotherapist to Help You

Stressors are ever present in everyone’s life. Some individuals are encountering even more stressors than others. However, it is rarely the type or the emotional weight of the stressor that determines a person’s ability to cope well with it. The gravity of a stressor does not determine its effect on the individual. That is why if you are suddenly finding yourself unable to cope well with a particular trauma, loss, or incident, don’t worry. Call a psychotherapist to help you figure out ways to deal with your psychological problems and emotional issues better.


If you are looking for a psychotherapist somewhere in New York, NY, then you are fortunate. You can turn to Dr. Mark Sehl NY Psychotherapist for your emotional problems. Whether you are diagnosed with a mental disorder or you simply feel like something is off with your emotional stability, come to Dr. Sehl. He has been helping clients cope better. No matter what type of problem or emotional distress you may be experiencing, he is prepared to provide you with effective solutions.


Dr. Sehl uses his experience and education in psychotherapy to help my clients shift their mindsets and behaviors into healthier ones. He values each of his clients’ well-being. That is why he always listen with empathy so you can lighten the burden you’ve been feeling for quite some time now. He will make a thorough preliminary analysis of your background so he can determine the psychotherapeutic technique that can help you best. You can trust him to be your ally in improving your psychological growth and prioritizing your emotional well-being.

With over 30 years of experience in counseling and psychotherapy, you can put your trust in Dr. Mark Sehl NY Psychotherapist.  Allow yourself the opportunity to heal and cope better. Hire Dr. Sehl now as your psychotherapist. Call him at (212) 228-3467 or come visit his office in New York, NY. He offers a variety of services such as individual counseling, addictions therapy, group therapy, couples therapy, and more!