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Not Sure if Standard Psychotherapy Will Work for You?

What Is Transference-Focused Psychotherapy?  

If you are having issues relating to others in your life, or need help coping with ongoing issues, then transference psychotherapy may be the help that you need? Read the following for more details.


Transference-focused psychotherapy is a type of therapy used to treat patients that have been diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder. People with this type of disorder suffer from unstable emotions and identities that frequently affect their behavior and relationships, thus making normal everyday life difficult. Transference means projecting feelings about people and situations that occurred in the past to individuals and events in the present. During transference-focused psychotherapy, a patient will express their inner feelings to a therapist within safe boundaries.


Object relations theory, which concerns relationships with people and images of the self and others, was what gave rise to transference-focused psychotherapy, or TFP for short. Normally, people have a mixture of positive and negative thoughts of themselves and others around them, however, borderline personalities keep positive and negative views separate. This is referred to as splitting, meaning other people will be seen as totally good or bad, which affects how the patient interacts with them.


Before this kind of psychotherapy can begin, a contract will be created between the patient and therapist, which ensures the psychotherapy will take place in a safe environment and have defined boundaries. Dangerous individuals will not be suitable for this kind of therapy, due to the danger to the therapist, and patients may also need to address any problems they are having due to alcohol and drug abuse before they are allowed to begin treatment.


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