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Get to Know the Other Types of Psychotherapy

Types of Psychotherapy

For everyone’s knowledge, the main role of the psychotherapist is to treat people who are diagnosed with depression through developing efficient and effective strategies in order help them cope up with everyday stressors. Over the years, there has been a lot of studies that have proven the effectiveness of psychotherapies as a solution for clinical depression. In this article, you will get to know the different types of psychotherapy and how it helps battle depression.

Cognitive Therapy

This particular type of psychotherapy mainly deals with a person’s thoughts. For instance, if you are medically diagnosed as a depressed person, a cognitive therapist would help you identify the thoughts that greatly contribute to your depression. Your therapist’s job is to teach you how to deal with various situations and challenge your current preconceptions to alleviate your depression. Since depression is an everyday battle, you would need an outlet. Most of the time, your therapist would task you with a homework that requires your complete cooperation. In this situation, you might possibly be presented with several cases that challenge your problem-solving techniques. On some days, you would be tasked to recall your recent experience through writing a journal.

Family Counseling

Family counseling is also another form of psychotherapy. In this method, the person diagnosed with depression is not only the one being treated but also other family members as well. It is imperative for the family members to join the counseling so they can help the person with depression cope up. During the therapy session, the family members will also learn about depression so they will be able to detect its early signs. In this way, the family members will be able to keep up with the medication, lifestyle, and sleeping habits of the person diagnosed with depression.

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