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Benefits of Group Therapy

Getting Better With the Help of a Local Psychotherapist and a Supportive Group


When going through depression, anxiety, drug or alcohol abuse, and other issues, we always feel like we are alone in what we are experiencing. This facilitates isolation and can hinder progress and make the road to recovery and betterment seem even more difficult. In such cases, your trusted local psychotherapist might recommend group therapy. This type of therapy can offer many benefits, and here are just a few of them:


You’re Not Alone

The first thing one can learn from taking part in group therapy is that they are not alone in what they are experiencing. When going through difficult times, we may believe that we have unique problems, unacceptable secrets, shameful moments and thoughts, and we feel alone. In a group environment, people share their problems and discuss them openly in order to learn that they are, in fact, not alone in their struggle. By removing the isolation and alienation one feels, great progress can be made.


Learn to Give and Receive Support

Although a reputable local psychotherapist is there to guide the sessions, in group therapy, members are usually encouraged to turn to each other for support and feedback. During each session, members get a chance to speak about what they are feeling or going through, and the group would create an encouraging and understanding atmosphere, offering support along the way. This on its own can help lessen the feeling of isolation. Additionally, hearing about each others’ experiences in navigating different aspects of loneliness, depression, anxiety, and other issues can be quite encouraging and inspiring.


Enhancing Social Skills

Group therapy has been known to greatly help individuals relate better to others and to themselves. As members are encouraged to share their stories and offer feedback, they can learn the finer points of attentive listening and constructive communication. This opportunity to engage with people can help members learn about themselves, how they are being perceived, and how to better connect with others.


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