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3 Most Common Forms of Counseling

How Can Therapists Help You With Your Mental Issues

Therapists offer a wide variety of mental health services to clients in order to assist them with a plethora of issues. You may be familiar with various therapeutic approaches, each of which has its own distinctive name in addition to the theory and procedures that are associated with it. The following are some of the common forms of counseling treatment that you might hear about:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive therapy is based on the theory that patterns of thought shape how you act and react to certain things in your life. The focus is on challenging negative thinking and replacing it with more realistic and positive thinking about yourself, your life, and the world around you. It is also used to deal with mood swings, anxiety, and other mental health difficulties.

Interpersonal Therapy

Interpersonal therapy is an approach to therapy that focuses on improving your social relationships and understanding yourself and others better. It is based on Freud’s psychoanalytic theory. Rather than focusing on physical symptoms like depression or anxiety, interpersonal therapy focuses on a person’s relationships with others such as parents, friends, or partners.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a type of counseling that includes more than one person in a group. It is used as a way to provide emotional support, learn new coping skills, and improve relationships. It is most often used in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and various disorders. The focus is on building social support, improving coping skills, and dealing with emotional issues.

There are many other types of therapy available in New York, NY that you can try, but the ones mentioned above are the most common ones. We at Dr. Mark Sehl NY Psychotherapist are happy to help with a variety of problems, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, panic disorders, personality disorders, and others. To learn about our counseling services and what we can offer you, call us today at (212) 228-3467!