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For many people, today’s life can be quite stressful and challenging. All of us experience the challenges we face in a number of different ways: making friends, struggles in relationships, difficulties adjusting to a new job or college, confusion in deciding on a career, drug and alcohol addiction, or simply difficulties with managing your day to day life in a positive, efficient, and productive manner. Many people feel depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or confused at some point in their life and need professional psychotherapy so they can find a way to cope with feelings and issues that seem beyond their control. If you are struggling and need a professional counselor in New York, NY, you can consult Dr. Mark Sehl of Dr. Mark Sehl NY Psychotherapist.Counselor

Over the years, Dr. Sehl has been practicing, and he has helped people combat anxiety and depression, gain self-confidence, take risks, feel more fulfilled in their careers, become more successful, and obtain the self-knowledge that leads to stronger, healthier, and more satisfying relationships. Dr. Mark Sehl NY Psychotherapist offers family, individual, and marriage counseling sessions for all ages, races, ethnicities, genders, spiritual beliefs, and sexual orientations. Counseling provided by a qualified psychotherapist is a process that can help you identify more effective strategies both to cope with difficult situations and circumstances and to accomplish your goals.

If you need a therapist to help you cope with a difficult personal, family, or career related issue, do not hesitate and call Dr. Mark Sehl. The most dedicated and compassionate among the individual and couple counselors in New York, NY! You can count on him to listen to your needs and provide you with the advice and ideas to overcome the difficult situations in your life. Call today for an appointment!

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Tony Dom
Tony Dom
Chose to work with this individual psychotherapy company because I wanted to find a therapist who could help me understand myself and my relationship with others. I found that in owner, he understood me and was able to help me see where I was making mistakes and how to avoid repeating them. He helped me develop a plan for how to improve my relationships, which has made all the difference in my life.
Mighty Love
Mighty Love
He’s a guest doctor

Client’s Testimonial

by Kathryn R. Reynolds on Dr. Mark Sehl NY Psychotherapist
Awesome Work

I want to thank you for your awesome work. You did us a great favor by making our son believe in himself after the psychotherapy. I will be forever grateful to you for this and you can be sure that the five stars I'm giving are a sincere accolade.

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